Athena was a woman from the Green Dimension. On two occasions, she attempted to woo Dr. Smith. (Wild Adventure; The Girl from the Green Dimension). She feeds on Deutronium.


In her first appearance, she was credited as "Lorelei", and as "Athena" in her second. A trading card later identified her as "Athena the Lorelei".[1] In Greek mythology, Athena was the Goddess of strategic warfare and heroic endeavour.[2] A "Lorelei" is also a deceptive fairy luring sailors to their doom. [3]

Smith during their space flight, arrives on the planet. She is still in love with Dr. Smith, which he uses to bribe her to help him see the future. However, he promises to go back to the green dimension with her, and when Athena's previous suitor arrives and turns Will green, Dr. Smith must find a way to save himself and Will

Claiming he has found the way to Earth, Dr. Smith tampers with the navigation controls and inadvertently dumps all the Jupiter 2's reserve fuel supply. Hope is shattered when the Professor locates an Earth fuel barge but the tanks are found nearly empty. Meanwhile, Smith begins to see a beautiful, green-skinned woman floating outside the viewports who sings his name, but no one believes his wild story until the girl lures him outside the ship. With the little fuel they have squeezed from the barge, the family is forced to make the decision to save Dr. Smith and miss their chance of returning to Earth.

The green space girl Athena – who hypnotized Dr. Smith while the Jupiter 2 traveled through space – returns when Smith finds her with a dimensional telescope. While Athena showers affection upon Smith, a former suitor of hers, Urso, arrives and challenges Smith to a duel. To make sure Smith accepts the challenge, Urso curses innocent Will with green skin and hair. Meanwhile the telescope begins to show glimpses of the future, and Smith becomes terrified when he sees what he believes is his own funeral.

Guest stars: Vitina Marcus (Athena), Harry Raybould (Urso) : Vitina Marcus (Lorelei – Her name is changed to Athena when she returns in "The Girl from the Green Dimension"). 

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