A general was an officer of high military rank.

In Lost in Space, Alpha Control had a number of generals in its ranks, one of whom talked with and bid the Robinsons farewell just before liftoff. ("The Reluctant Stowaway").

A second general, Squires, repeatedly ran into Dr. Smith during the latter's return to 1997, and had Smith arrested for sabotage, although he later escaped. ("The Time Merchant")

In The Time Tunnel, even though the scientists at Project Tic-Toc were responsible for trying to help (and hopefully eventually bring them back home) anyone who had entered the Tunnel, General Heywood Kirk pretty much had the final say in regards to matters, except for those who went "over my head", such as when General Phillip Southall called the Pentagon to be allowed to enter the Tunnel to buy some time for Dr. Tony Newman and Doug Phillips. ("The Last Patrol")


In Lost in Space, the general seen throughout "The Reluctant Stowaway" was played by Hal Torey.

General Squires was played by Bryan Morrow and did not appear in "No Place to Hide" or "The Reluctant Stowaway".

In The Time Tunnel, Lt. General Heywood Kirk was played by Whit Bissell.


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