Paul Zastupnevich (24 December 1921 - 9 May 1997) was a costume designer and assistant to movie producer and director Irwin Allen.

Paul was born in Homestead, Pennsylvania. His education included a degree in fashion design. Paul's early career was spent acting in stage productions and designing costumes for many of them.

In addition to costume design in Irwin Allen's productions, Paul appeared in a number of Irwin Allen's movies and television series such as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Lost in Space.

Paul ran his own boutique "The House of Z" in Pasadena with his sister Olga, and he designed clothes for actresses.

In 1994, Paul was the special guest of honour at a convention in England. He gave several talks at the convention, covering his work with Irwin Allen. In 1994, Paul became honorary president of the Irwin Allen News Network which is dedicated to all the works of Irwin Allen.


Paul Zastupnevich played the following characters:

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