The Time Tunnel is a science fiction television show that aired between 1966-1967. "The Time Tunnel" was released by 20th Century Fox and broadcast on ABC. The show ran for a single season of 30 episodes.


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The adventures of scientists Tony Newman and Doug Phillips, lost in the vortex of time during an experiment to prove the effectiveness of the Time Tunnel. Both men are bounced from one era to the next as the personnel of the Tunnel keep them alive while they try to bring them home.


Title Episode Original Airdate
Rendezvous with Yesterday 01x01 September 9, 1966
One Way to the Moon 01x02 September 16, 1966
End of the World 01x03 September 23, 1966
The Day the Sky Fell In 01x04 September 30, 1966
The Last Patrol 01x05 October 7, 1966
Crack of Doom 01x06 October 14, 1966
Revenge of the Gods 01x07 October 21, 1966
Massacre 01x08 October 28, 1966
Devil's Island 01x09 November 11, 1966
Reign of Terror 01x10 November 18, 1966
Secret Weapon 01x11 November 25, 1966
The Death Trap 01x12 December 2, 1966
The Alamo 01x13 December 9, 1966
Night of the Long Knives 01x14 December 16, 1966
Invasion 01x15 December 23, 1966
The Revenge of Robin Hood 01x16 December 30, 1966
Kill Two by Two 01x17 January 6, 1967
Visitors from Beyond the Stars 01x18 January 13, 1967
The Ghost of Nero 01x19 January 20, 1967
The Walls of Jericho 01x20 January 27, 1967
Idol of Death 01x21 February 3, 1967
Billy the Kid 01x22 February 10, 1967
Pirates of Deadman's Island 01x23 February 17, 1967
Chase Through Time 01x24 February 24, 1967
The Death Merchant 01x25 March 3, 1967
Attack of the Barbarians 01x26 March 10, 1967
Merlin the Magician 01x27 March 17, 1967
The Kidnappers 01x28 March 24, 1967
Raiders from Outer Space 01x29 March 31, 1967
Town of Terror 01x30 April 7, 1967

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