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"A Visit to Hades"


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2x12 / 41st of 83 aired
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Carey Wilbur
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Last week, as you recall, we left Will and Dr. Smith examining a strange, alien instrument - unaware that it would soon unlock an invisible door to an incredible, fiery dimension...


Smith finds an ornate harp that leads him to an extradimensional encounter with Morbus, a political prisoner exiled from his own planet, whom Smith mistakes for Satan.  The harp is a sophisticated control device, allowing transference between the Robinsons' planet and the extradimensional jail holding Morbus.  Judy accidently gets transferred to Morbus' cell, "a nasty little hole outside of time and space," requiring Don, the Professor, and a reluctant Dr, Smith to go there to save her.  When the harp is broken by Judy over Don's head during his struggle with Morbus, its control over the jail is shattered as well.  This allows Morbus to return to his own world and Judy, the Professor, Don, and Dr. Smith to return to theirs, allhough Dr. Smith ends up being transferred into a tree where he ends up hanging by the seat of his pants from a branch. 

Background Information[]

  • As of this episode, and including the unaired pilot, Lost in Space was halfway through its run, with forty-two episodes down and forty-two to go.
  • Gerald Mohr was an actor very familiar to viewers of Saturday morning TV in the 1960s as the voice of Green Lantern in Filmation's cartoons and that of Reed Richards in Hanna-Barbera's "The Fanastic Four."
  • Morbus' costume would be recycled for use by Lemnoc in "The Phantom Family."
  • When asked to where Dr. Smith has vanished, the Robot replies "to the place where the woodbine twineth", a phrase used by Mark Twain in "Life on the Mississippi."
  • There is a difference in the dialog between the teaser for this episode and the first minutes of the actual program.
  • As the prison breaks up, Professor Robinson enters from the other side of the previously closed gate.

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