"Attack of the Monster Plants"

Attack of the monster plants

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1x14 / 14th of 83 aired
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15 December 1965
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Last week, as you recall, we left Professor Robinson and Judy at work, refining atomic ore - unaware that, a short distance away from them, a treacherous, man-devouring pit lay waiting for its prey...


Giant cyclamen plants, which duplicate anything put into them, make an evil duplicate of Judy, in attempt to get the Jupiter 2's supply of deutronium fuel. The evil Judy feeds all of the fuel to the plants, while Dr. Smith refuses to tell the Robinsons where the real Judy is.

Background InformationEdit

  • This episode sees the only use of the Chariot's powerful neutron guns (possibly the strongest rifles in the Robinsons' Arsenal).
  • The cyclamen commonly sold by florists C. persicum is frost-tender, making the use of cold to kill them plausible.
  • There is a continuity error as we never learn the fate of the "plant" Judy Robinson, although the bruise marks on her arm when she's grabbed in the Chariot suggest an ersatz quality to her form.
  • In the first season the alien planet's biosphere seems to be dominated by native life-forms that grow rapidly and either adopt the characteristics of a host or promote giganticism . Perhaps this was an adaption to the wild climate changes or an idea borrowed from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."
  • Marta Kristen says she liked doing this episode as it gave her a chance to use more of her acting skills.
  • The plants' ability to mimic and reproduce another object is used as a device in John Varley's "In The Hall of the Martian Kings" where astronauts stranded on Mars are assisted by bio-engineered plants created by the long dead Martians who made them to help potential future explorers survive.
  • An original title for this episode was The Cyclamen [1]
  • When the "plant" Judy was struggling in the Chariot with Professor Robinson to stop Major West from destroying the cyclamen, she hit her head on the windshield twice.


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