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"Curse of Cousin Smith"


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2x10 / 39th of 83 aired
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Justis Addiss
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Last week, as you recall, we left Will and Penny peacefully birdwatching - unaware that, high above them, a passing spaceship was about to hurl an incredible visitor down upon their forgotten planet...


Jeremiah and Zachary Smith plot against each other to claim their family inheritance, ultimately leading to Jeremiah using his contacts with an alien mobster to get a computerized gambling machine with which he intends to kill his cousin and make himself the sole heir to Aunt Maude's fortune back on Earth.

Background Information[]

  • John Robinson is usually completely fair and honest, practically to the point of being pathological about it. Therefore, if he did cheat, why would he do it for two scoundrels like the Smiths?
  • When Alonzo P. Tucker visited the Robinsons, he had quite a tale to tell about his kidnapping by aliens. And the Robinsons were eager to hear it. But Cousin Jeremiah had no such tale of alien kidnapping, just extensive traveling.
  • The planet Tauron is mentioned again in this episode as a place that Jeremiah Smith has visited.

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