Don Matheson was born on August 5, 1929. He is well known for his role of Mark Wilson in Irwin Allen's series Land of the Giants. He also made a guest star appearance in two episodes of Lost in Space (The Sky is Falling; Revolt of the Androids (including the cliffhanger at the end of Treasure of the Lost Planet)).

Prior to entering acting, Matheson served in the military. While serving in Korea, he was awarded the Bronze Star for valorous leadership and a Purple Heart for injuries suffered in an explosion. After serving six years, he joined the Detroit Police Department. He then left law enforcement to begin a career in acting.

After working in a number of plays, television episodes and commercials, Matheson was signed to join the cast of the "Land of the Giants". He married co-star Deanna Lund in 1970, but they were divorced in the late 1970s.

In 1984, Matheson had a regular role in the primetime series "Falcon Crest". He played Richard Channing's henchman for a season. He also appeared briefly in another primetime soap, "Dynasty".

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