"His Majesty Smith"

His majesty smith

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1x024 / 24th of 83 aired
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Last week, as you recall, Will had joined Dr. Smith and the Robot in a search for wild truffles - little dreaming that they would find something far different - something that would plunge them into an incredible adventure - with creatures from a another mysterious world...


Dr. Smith finds a strange crown and become king of an alien race - only to find that they have special plans for him.

Background InformationEdit

  • Live coverage of the Gemini VIII splashdown meant that "His Majesty Smith" was postponed. CBS received over 2000 calls of complaint that night. [1]
  • The Andronican anthem was the main title for the film "The Enemy Below," composed by Leigh Harline. It would be used again as the Dranconian anthem in the episode "The Cave of the Wizards."
  • In the background of the Andronican's chamber can be seen the model of the Bubble creature's ship from the 2nd episode, although it is upright. Also returning is the noise made by the Rubberoid - it is used here as the sound effect of a cloning machine.
  • The rise of Dr. Smith as the most popular character on LIS is confirmed with this episode, the first to truly center on him.
  • This is the first of several times throughout the show that Dr. Smith is either duplicated or has a doppelganger, and the plot of the clone/duplicate sacrificing itself to allow the real Smith to live on is touchingly reused in season 2's "The Phantom Family".
  • The sequential lighted ring above the cloning table is the Jupiter 2 lower power unit from the full size mode mock up. Also used in "The Lost Civilization" episode above the sleeping princess and above the force field imprisoning the creature in the lower level in "The Keeper" episodes.
  • In the scene with the two Dr. Smiths seated next to each other in the control room of the Jupiter 2, the opening in the floor for the ladder is not there.
  • The spaceship from "The Keeper" episode is reused.
  • References to making slemoth and drinking glügg are described to Dr. Smith by the scientist as being enjoyable things to Andronicans.
  • Liam Sullivan and Jonathan Harris first worked together in the Twilight Zone episode 61 "The Silence" in 1961.

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