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"Junkyard in Space"

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LiS episode
3x24 (83rd of 84 aired)
#1524 (84th of 84 produced)
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Directed by
Ezra Stone
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none; followed by Lost in Space Forever


The Jupiter 2 is held on a junkyard planet by a robot eager for spare parts.

Background information[]

  • Marcel Hillaire returns after previously playing Phanzig in "Condemned of Space".
  • Bob May liked that the Robot could not destroy himself because of the love he felt for Will.
  • The alien robot that is is "demolecularized" by the Junkman was the same robot body used in Hunter's Moon and The Great Vegetable Rebellion.
  • June Lockhart is only briefly seen in this episode when announcing the food lockers have been contaminated with a rust blight. Angela Cartwright and Marta Kristen don't appear until well into the first act (about 13 minutes into the episode, sans commercials).
  • When the Jupiter II lands the second time on the planet, it lands with the lower landing gear extended and they exit with the ladder.
  • Guy Williams returns for the final episode of the series after being banished for two shows by Irwin Allen for laughing during "The Great Vegetable Rebellion"

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air conditioner; alien; art; artificial gravity; atomic blast furnace; atomizing fuel trank; auto-detection unit; Beef Stroganoff; bell; body fat; bone; book; boot; candelabra; carbon; central diode; computer; control room; coordinator; cosmic cloud; Crêpe Suzette; demolecularize; diamond; diode unit; Earth; Earthling; electrical system; fire extinguisher; flesh; food; freezer unit; fuel valve; galaxy; General Utility Non-Theorizing Enviornmental Robot; hard landing; Heaven; humanoid; Intergalactic Junkyard; junkyard; Jupiter 2; leather; liter; locker; locomotion control; long range sensing equipment; machine; magnetic zone; magnetism; memoir; memory bank; metal; Outer Space and I; planet; port fuel cell; power core; quill; reactor; rocket; rocket engine; rocket firing control; rotor; rust blight; screwdriver; sensor; sew; Shakespeare, William; shipping crate; sour cream; space junk; Space Pod; spaceship; stability unit; supper; tape recorder; thermostat; timing generator; transistor; tricycle; tube; ventriloquism; wine; wire

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