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An escaped convict stumbles across the Spindrift and, as Steve, Mark and Alexander look on, the giant takes the ship and the remaining Earthlings with him. Steve, Mark and Alexander try to follow, but can't keep up. When the convict takes refuge at a farmhouse, Mark converts the astrogator into a tracking device and the chase continues. The convict is forced to leave the farmhouse, still carrying the Spindrift, and stumbles into quicksand.

The Earthlings try to help him, using his shirt to form a rope. The rope breaks, but Dan goes with the risky plan of "turning off the Beta Control" and overpowering the Spindrift out on its own. He succeeds, leaving the convict behind. Steve decides to rescue the convict as well, and uses what's left of the broken rope to attach it to the Spindrift, then lets the convict pull himself out while powering up the ship again so he doesn't pull it back in.

The plan succeeds, but the convict grabs the girls and Barry, puts them back in the Spindrift and takes off again. Out of gratitude, he puts the Spindrift back where he found it, then gets captured by the pursuing guards. The others manage to get a dropped gun to the convict, who uses it to capture his pursuers and escape for good.

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