"My Friend, Mr. Nobody"

My friend, mr. nobody

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1x07 / 7th of 83 aired
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Last week, we left our small party of space colonists as they began their first test drilling for radioactive materials - materials that could be transformed into enough atomic fuel to lift their disabled spaceship off this strange and alien planet...


Penny plays with an "imaginary" companion, actually a disembodied life force living below the surface. When Dr. Smith accidentally injures Penny, the companion unleashes its wrath across the entire planet, until Penny intervenes and calms it down, and then it undergoes a startling transformation.

Background Information

  • The teaser has a great overhead shot that establishes the size of the set. Sadly, such shots were typically limited to the beginning of the first season.
  • This is the third consecutive episode where the robot is disassembled in some manner. Smith seems to fix the robot in the space of a few hours. Over the course of the season, Smith would lose the ability to fix the robot.
  • The delicate and lyrical music for this episode is the last Lost in Space score written by John Williams. However, he would return to the series one final time to compose new theme music for the third season.
  • In the scene were Smith and West are arguing about how the piece of porous clay came to be found in a certain location, there is a line of dialogue that seems to be cut out of the syndicated version of this episode. As they argue, West asserts that the clay was in a certain place because "maybe a bird dropped it", to which Smith replies "there are no birds on this planet." But in "Invaders from the Fifth Dimension", the Robot is being used as a scarecrow, and in "Return from Outer Space" Penny finds a bird's egg.

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