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"One of Our Dogs is Missing"

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LiS episode
1x13 (14th of 84 aired)
#8513 (83rd of 84 produced)
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Written by
William Welch
Directed by
Sutton Roley
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Last week, as you recall, Don, John, and Will Robinson had left the spaceship to set up a series of microwave relay stations. They were unaware that, within moments, the Chariot was to be suddenly engulfed - by a rain of death...


The Robinsons find a suspended animation test ship with a twenty-year-old dog in it. Then at night, food is being taken off the ship, and growling noises are heard. It's not the dog, however, but a giant, hairy mutant who attacks Judy, until the dog saves her.

Background Information[]

  • The dog was never seen or mentioned again.
  • Although Judy inquires about early space flights being sent up with animals, the viewers probably assumed she was thinking of the earliest Soviet launches (Laika on a Sputnik) and American launches (chimps). The Alpha Control Reference Manual states, however, that another series of tests in the 1970s/80s used dogs as America tested the technology that sent Jimmy Hapgood into space.
  • Another force field continuity gaffe occurs. When Maureen and Judy are turning on the force field, Judy stands next to the force field projector and throws a rock "away" from the Jupiter 2. And the rock is destroyed by the force field. But, according to a statement by John in "The Raft", the force field does not work on objects traveling away from the force field generator, only objects heading towards the force field generator. See the reference to the robot turning off the force field in "There Were Giants In The Earth".
  • The same creature will return in "Hunter's Moon" as the animal Megazor was tracking when John Robinson kills it after it threatens him.
  • Dr. Smith's personality undergoes a slight transformation from master villain to effete scoundrel as he initially believes the dog is actually a highly intelligent and threatening form of alien life disguised as a dog.
  • The title card shows that the Jupiter 2 has settled in the ground a few feet as compared to the first shows of the season.
  • When Penny is holding the dog and it is frightened by the approaching creature late in the episode, the dog appears to have snapped at her to get away.

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