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Template:GuestInfobox Rambler-Crane Series Robot is a new model of the old series,loaded aboard the Jupiter 2.

Unlike the tv series,this version of the Robinsons robot is more bulkier,with huge popeye like robot arms,a tilted downward bubble head and small,pipe shaped,legs extending into the tread section.He is blue and silver.Unlike the series,this robot has second set of arms,extending from the lower tread section.One,his right appears to some sort of weilding gun and left a smaller tool.This robots on the newer ship are Rambler Crane series .  Dick Tufeld returned to his role as the voice of the Robot, having played the voice of the Robot in the original program, as well as narrating the series.[1]The Robot appeared in the 1998 Creature Shop-effects movie Lost in Space. An updated version of the Robot from the original 1966 series, this mechanical being is part of the Rambler Crane series assigned to ships, and serves as companion and protector of Will Robinson. As explained on the Creature Shop website, the two-ton robot was designed on CAD and remote controlled. The machine was "as powerful as a forklift and could travel at over 20mph." The Robot was puppeteered by the four man team of Simon Buckley, Phil Eason, Nigel Plaskitt, and John Wheatley.==Original Robot==Prior to the updated Creature Shop version, the Robot on the original series was considered as a model during the development stages of Sesame Street. Writer Bob Oksner, in brainstorming ideas for the framing scenes and host characters, pitched the following:{| about="#mwt3" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="2" data-parsoid="{"a":{"|":null},"sa":{"|":""}}" data-ve-attributes="{"about":"#mwt3"}" data-ve-ignore="true"|- data-parsoid="{}"| data-parsoid="{}" data-ve-attributes="{"style":"font-family:times; font-size:45px; color:#b2b7f2; padding-top:8px"}" style="font-family:times;font-size:45px;color:#b2b7f2;padding-top:8px" valign="top" width="20"|| align="justify" data-parsoid="{}"|A robot, such as the one used in Lost in Space, could be part of the show. He would perform simple tasks like touching his hand to his ear or holding up his left hand and his right foot. Only most of the time, he would do it wrong and his nose would light up to signal a mistake. The robot could be made into a funny character, such as the absent-minded robot, who always forgets his instructions.[1]| data-parsoid="{}" data-ve-attributes="{"style":"font-family:times; font-size:45px; color:#b2b7f2; padding-top:8px"}" style="font-family:times;font-size:45px;color:#b2b7f2;padding-top:8px" valign="bottom" width="20"||}  Though the final product bore little resemblance to the Lost in Space robot, the concept for a mechanical character who gets things wrong eventually surfaced as Sam the Robot.What was the Robot called in the 60s tv series, 'Lost In Space'. I know it was not known as 'Robbie' in 'Forbidden Planet,as some think,although producer Irwin Allen wanted Robbie to preform for the one on Lost in Space.Irwin Allen could not get Robbie for filming the series,due other commitments at the time,so he a new one made up.'It was just known as the Robot, and was made by the same person who created Robbie,Robert Kinoshita.Some places it is known as the Robinsons Robot or simply the Lost in Space robot.==Gallery==
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