"The Android Machine"


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Last week, as you recall, we left Dr. Smith peacefully dozing while on a field trip with Will, Penny, and the Robot. All were unaware that, nearby, lay a machine capable of producing incredible metallic creatures from another world...


Dr. Smith finds a 'Celestial Department Store ordering machine' and accidentally orders an emotionless female android, whom the Robinsons teach to be human. Unfortunately, the department store's manager, Zumdish, either wants payment, or the android back; preferably the android, since it has been improved upon. When the Robinsons refuse to cooperate, the manager takes steps to force them.

Background InformationEdit

  • This is the first appearance of Verda and Mr Zumdish, who will both return to the show (Mr Zumdish for a total of three episodes- although Dee Hartford would return in the third season episode Space Beauty, playing the manager of Farnum B, Nancy Pi Squared.).
  • Deutronium is revealed to be an intergalactic currency- although, according to Mr Zumdish, the Robinsons' refinery methods are crude and their stock would have to be processed many times for it to have any value. Despite deutronium shown being made by "concentrating certain radioactive ores" in "Attack of the Monster Plants," the liquid can apparently be handled (and even sniffed) without any special precautions.
  • The ordering machine would appear again in The Toymaker
  • Mr Zumdish is played by the much-loved character actor Fritz Feld, who was well known for playing fussy managerial types. His trademark, making a 'pop' sound with his hand against his mouth, is repeated in all his Lost in Space appearances.

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1492; albatross; alien; America; analog; android; Andromedan; Andromedian geometry; Antigravity theory of Gimas; bath; cactus; calculus; canister; carbon dioxide; Christopher Columbus; deutronium; digital; dinner; drill; Earth; Eskimo; Fifth planet of Orion; Formall; flower; footprint; freezing coil; gremlin; heating element; history; Isabella; makeup; Model 56 Tauron computer; ocean; Orion; oxygen; pointer; plant; quart; queen; Spain; thesaurus; transfer machine; transpiration; transpositive generating machine; Unit 12 RDS Remote Unit; universe


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