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A sub-orbital aircraft named the Spindrift flying from Los Angeles (In the actual series and unaired pilot it was NEVER New York) to London is pulled into a space warp which transports its crew and passengers to a planet where everything is 12 times larger than normal. In their first night on the planet they are attacked by a giant cat and two of their party, Captain Steve Burton and movie star Valerie Scott, are captured by a pair of giant scientists but are eventually rescued by the rest of the castaways. Unfortunately, they soon realize that for the time being they are stuck on this strange world.

Background informationEdit

  • The day the Spindrift crashed is given as June 12, 1983. June 12 was Irwin Allen's birthday.
  • There were two different versions of The Crash, only one of which was originally aired in syndication. The original version had a different musical score and had more character scenes. The one most commonly seen has the familiar musical cues, but many earlier scenes were trimmed for the inclusion of more action scenes (i.e., the climacitc encounter with the giant dog at the end). The unseen version is on the DVD release.

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