"The Flight Plan"


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The people of the Spindrift find another "little person" who lost his memory. He finally remembers that his name is "Joe" and that he is being chased by the giants. They take Joe back to the Spindrift despite the disapproval of Steve.

Steve and Joe are captured by a pair of giants but are able to escape. The castaways believe Joe's story because he helped Steve to escape, but Steve thinks that they were able to escape the giants too easily. Joe angrily defends himself then wanders off, and Betty goes to follow him...only to find out he is in league with the two giants. The giants discovered pills that can shrink giants into little people size. The giants plan on capturing the castaways and taking the ship back to Earth to collect some of Earth's advanced technology.

Betty is held prisoner, and Joe convinces the others he knows where some ion propellant is that they need to repair the ship. They get the propellant but Joe gets captured and the rest come back to rescue him. Joe confronts his partners (who have captured everyone but Steve). Steve uses the explosive propellant to force the giants to release the others, and Joe takes it and holds his partners at bay long enough for the Earthlings to escape. The building blows up, leaving a dead, restored-to-normal-sized Joe.

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  • The first time on-air that the supposed 50-year gap in technology between the Earth and the land of the giants is cited.

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