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"The Ghost Of Moby Dick"


VBS episode
1x14 / 14th of 110 aired
First aired
Written by
Irwin Allen, Robert Hamner
Directed by
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"The Blizzard Makers"
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A man, Walter Bryce, his son Jimmy and wife Ellen are following a giant whale, which Walter will later proclaim it to being the largest animal on the face of the planet. He urges Jimmy to get closer to the whale, which he harpoons it with an instrument so he can obtain scientific information from it. Unfortunately this results in the whale destroying Walter’s boat.

A few years later, the Seaview is ordered to pick up Ellen and Walter to find the whale (from its last known position) so they can supposedly continue their scientific research of it. Unfortunately the whale, once found, also attacks the Seaview, severely crippling the sub. Worse yet, it has been revealed that Walter is insane, as his son Jimmy was killed due to the whale’s destruction of their boat, as well as Walter becoming partially paralyzed from the incident. Admiral Nelson refuses to believe a scientist could hold such a vendetta, making it difficult for Captain Crane to change his mind, as he feels that the Seaview should return to port rather than risk being destroyed (along with not risking the lives of over 100 men on board). However, Walter’s true intentions are shown when he changes into diving gear and is about to hunt the whale with a speargun when Nelson catches him in the act, which Walter knocks him out and leaves the ship. He is last seen being pulled away—attached to the whale via a line from the speargun—presumed to soon be drowned and never seen again.


Guest stars[]

  • Edward Binns as Walter Bryce
  • Bobby Beakman as Jimmy Bryce
  • June Lockhart as Ellen Bryce

Background information/Trivia[]

This episode marked the debut of June Lockhart in an Irwin Allen production, who would later star in Lost in Space.


The episode can be seen at on the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea channel