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"The Great Vegetable Rebellion"

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3x21 (82nd of 83 aired)
#1521 (81 of 84 produced)
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The Jupiter 2 is travelling through space. On board, the Robinson party is celebrating the Robot's birthday. Dr. Smith decides to take the Space Pod down to a planet that they are passing to get him some flowers as a birthday gift.

The planet does not have any members of the animal kingdom living on it. It is completely inhabited by plants. One of these plants, a giant carrot, captures Dr. Smith. He then proceeds to capture most of the remaining Robinson party when they land with the Jupiter 2 to rescue Dr. Smith.

The giant carrot tries to turn the Robinsons into plants. Professor Robinson and Major West thwart his plan, and the Robinsons escape from the planet in the Jupiter 2.

Background information[]

  • Writer Peter Packer apologized when presenting the script to Jonathan Harris, saying that he did not have another idea in his head. [1] [2]
  • This episode is considered by some as a "Jump the Shark" moment. [3]
  • Guy Williams and June Lockhart were written out of the next two episodes at full salary because of their uncontrollable laughter during filming. [4] [5]
  • In 1997, TV Guide's "The 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time" issue rated "The Great Vegetable Rebellion" as #76, over Star Trek's "City on the Edge of Forever" (ranked #92).
  • The water pump that Tybo uses to get his moisture is just parts of Megazor's computer from "Hunter's Moon" with a new coat of paint on it.
  • This episode was based on an earlier script by Packer called "Carnival in Space."  It involved two alien botanists who are trying to find new crops to feed their starving planet and think the emotions of the Earth people could be used to modify their plants.  The name Tybo is retained for Stanley Adams' character but originally he was supposed to be a mad assistant to a kindly older scientist. 

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Guest stars[]

  • Stanley Adams as Tybo
  • James Millhollin as Willoughby the Llama

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