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"The Magnus Beam"


VBS episode
1x11 / 11th of 110 aired
First aired
Written by
Irwin Allen, Alan Caillou
Directed by
Leonard Horn
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This article is about the Magnus Beam episode. You might be looking for the Magnus Beam article about the weapon itself.


When U-2 spyplanes keep on getting lost over a certain area, the Seaview is sent to investigate the mystery.

Captain Lee Crane is sent to a nearby shore via rowboat. Not long after reaching the shore, he is fired upon, but then a contact reveals himself to him. Once Crane meets up with him, the contact gets gunned down by a sniper. He tells Crane to ask for a singer named Luana at a nightclub in town called the Golden Parrot for more information in regards to the U-2 mystery.

A stranger assists Crane, who he is suspicious of immediately (as the viewer should recognize the man from the episode’s opening scene with him operating at a base that houses the Magnus Beam, a weapon of unique power: when rebels storm the base, they are informed that their weapons are useless, thanks to the Beam). The man leads Crane to the back of the Golden Parrot, which he meets with Luana, who gives some information to Crane, and the person who helped him earlier, Major Amadi, says he needs to be taken to the Seaview. After this duty is performed, Crane remains in town for one additional day, but he gets captured and beaten up by the enemy and taken to their underwater base.

Amadi leads the Seaview through underwater caverns towards the base that houses the weapon, but at one point all metal on board is made immobile by the Magnus Beam. Admiral Harriman Nelson devises a way to disrupt the Beam long enough to launch an assault on the weapon.

Meanwhile, Crane is freed by a contact of Luana’s named Abdul Azziz. He leads them to the Beam while Nelson and some crewmates launch an attack on the weapon not long afterwards, which Crane, Azziz, and several of the latter’s cousins join in to destroy the Beam.


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The episode can be seen at on the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea channel