"The Oasis"


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Last week, as you recall, a blistering wave of heat had settled over our space family's campsite - along with a strange, unearthly silence...


A heat wave and drought leaves the Robinson party low on water, and they take a trek to the source of a river, find brackish water, but also alien fruit that they harvest and bring home. Unknown to them, Penny's pet, Debbie, eats some of the fruit. That night, while they are running tests on the fruit, Smith (who's been missing since he left their trek to the water source) eats some of the fruit. He's convinced the Robinsons were trying to kill him, and runs off into the wilderness. After recording a rant on tape, he buries the tape and carries on. The Robinsons find him... three times bigger than his normal size. Debbie is also enormous.

Maureen manages to convince Smith to return to the Jupiter 2, and a large bed is built for Smith to sleep outdoors. Just then, the drought breaks and rain begins pouring down. Smith and Debbie return to normal size.

Background InformationEdit

  • When Don and John face down the giant Smith, they wield unusual lasers that, for whatever reason, are never again used in the show. The Robinson's arsenal was often inconsistent at least for the first two series, with several variants of pistols seen throughout the first season. Another example is the slender laser pistol seen in "The Raft".
  • A consistent thread through the first half of the first season is the suggestion that the life forms on the planet have adapted to the wild climatic conditions by being able to grow rapidly although perhaps nondiscriminately. This would explain the giant in "There Were Giants in the Earth" and the cyclamen in "Attack of the Monster Plants." Smith's reaction could be explained if microorganisms in the fruit started this process in him.
  • All of Smith's attire, including his boots and belt, also grows and shrinks with him.
  • Again, Galileo's square cube law is ignored with respect to the gravitational forces that would pull on Smith. Perhaps the process also increased the relative strength of his bones. Also, as Smith shrinks something must have happened to the extra mass that comprised him as a giant.
  • The Robinson's lack of water is not unusual given the heat due to the planet's erratic orbit, but it seems odd that no attempt is made to use the inland sea seen in "The Hungry Sea" and "There Were Giants in the Earth".

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