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"The Phantom Family"

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2x27 / 56th of 83 aired
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Ezra Stone
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Last week, as you recall, we left our space pioneers under bombardment by alien missiles, unaware that they were all doomed to an incredible, frozen fate...


John and Maureen are away on some kind of scientific expedition. The remaining members of the party are being attacked by an alien named Lemnoc, who has set up a base of operations in a nearby cave.

Lemnoc comes from a dying planet where the people have lost the will to survive. His plan is to replace all members of the Robinson party with duplicates who will learn all the details of how to survive so that these lessons can be re-taught to Lemnoc's people.

Lemnoc succeeds in replacing all the members of the Robinson party with his duplicates, except Will. He is holding his captives in a state of suspended animation. He forces Will to teach his duplicates how to survive and function in the difficult environment of the Robinson's planet. Will must cooperate or Don, Judy, Penny and Dr. Smith will die. Will succeeds, and Lemnoc sends his duplicates back to his home planet. Then he releases all his captives except Dr. Smith.

Lemnoc now changes his plans. He wants the duplicate Smith to fly the Jupiter 2 back to his home planet. By this time, John and Maureen have returned. The Professor and Major West are unsuccessful in their attempt to foil Lemnoc's new plan. Eventually Will convinces the duplicate Dr. Smith that Lemnoc's plan is evil, and the duplicate Smith ruins the plan. Smith is rescued, and the Robinson party is saved.

Background Information[]

  • After John and Don fight with Lemnoc, they leave his cave to return to the Jupiter 2. When they are leaving, Mark Goddard bumps his head pretty hard against one of Lemnoc's pieces of hardware. One of the best bloopers of the entire series.
  • In one scene, the Robot flashes but doesn't say anything.  Which may be just as well, since a moment before that, in the same scene, the Robot calls Lemnoc "Lennock". In any case, Lemnoc's name is spelled explicitly in a legend displayed above his chair.

    Lemnoc in his chair.

  • Lemnoc could be "Clone'm" in an anagram.

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Will Robinson refers lemnock as Lemnack

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