"The Promised Planet"

Promised planet

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The Robot announces that the Jupiter 2 is approaching the Alpha Centauri star system. Radio contact with the planets there indicates that it is Alpha Centauri, and they recognize the Jupiter 2.

Upon landing, the Robinsons discover that the base is inhabited by teenagers who live like 1960s style hippies. The hippies separate the older members of the group from Will and Penny and try to force the elders to leave.

After the older members of the Robinson party depart, the Robot realizes that he was tricked and that the planet was not Alpha Centauri. With the help of some memory cones that Will gave Professor Robinson, the older Robinsons realize that they have left their children behind.

Meanwhile, Will and Penny have realized that the personnel are really aliens who are incapable of growing old. They need to conduct an experiment using Will and Penny to try to gain the ability to grow old.

The Jupiter 2 returns to the planet and rescues Will, Penny, and Dr. Smith.

Background informationEdit

  • The title of this episode is an allusion to the biblical Promised Land.
  • Keith Taylor returns as "Edgar". He also played one of the orphans in "Return from Outer Space".
  • Edgar has a Beatles poster on his wall.
  • The Robinsons launched in late 1997, and Bartholomew claims that a Human colony has been on Delta for three years. For his story to be plausible, this episode would have to take place in 2001 at the earliest.
  • The "electronic fireworks" display is the same effect as was used to show the Jupiter 2 going beyond the speed of light in "Visit to a Hostile Planet".

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alien; Alpha Centauri; Alpha Control; American; Bartholomew's species; bear; Beatles; bird; Brahms' Lullaby; broth; Canopus; cat; celestial navigation; centipede; Central Control; Chief Adjuster; dance; Delta (planet); dice; Earth; Earthling; flower; frosh; Gamma (planet); glasses; governor; Great Red Spot; heart; ice cream; incense ; jawbreaker; Jupiter; Jupiter 2; magnetism; memory cone; Methuselah; memory cone; minuet; missile; music; necklace; nightcap; Older; phosphate; Planet Delta Message Center; Polaris; pool (game); Promised Land; Proxima Centauri; pygmy; relay station; Rip Van Winkle; Shakespeare; shuttle; spaceship; spider; Squaresville; star; star system; tape; tourism; two-step; United States; Uranus; waltz; wig; Younger

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