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"The Space Primevals"

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The Robinson party is planning a lift off from the planet that they are on, but an erupting volcano is interfering. Major West and Dr. Smith have been sent in the Chariot to cap the volcano using Hyper-Atomic explosive. As the eruption worsens, Professor Robinson orders them to turn back.

Don and Smith are unable to turn back because they have been captured by primitive aliens. The aliens live in the shadow of the volcano. They are guided by a large computer called Protineus.

John comes to the rescue of the Major and Smith using the Space Pod. At the same time Will and the Robot make their way to the volcano on foot, using a path that the Robot has recently discovered. They manage to rescue Don and Dr. Smith, and cap the volcano with the explosive.

Background information[]

  • Hyper-Atomic explosive does not detonate until the ambient temperature is 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This is the only episode where Dr Smith refers to Major West by his first name, during a touching sequence while both men are trapped in a cave.
  • The transformation of Rangah into a gold, discus wielding man is meant to represent man's evolution from barbaric society into a more civilized form such as Ancient Greece.
  • The Robot demonstrates an ability to perform magic.
  • A willing suspension of continuity is required as this planet is supposedly the same one the Zahn had cordoned off as a private killing reserve in "Hunter's Moon." They apparently didn't notice the Space Primevals.
  • The tall bearded primitive was also seen in the prison ship in the "Condemned of Space" episode as a frozen prisoner.
  • Will mispronounces Rangah at the end of the episode as Rangesh.

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