"The Trap"


LotG episode
1x07 / 7th of 51 aired
First aired
November 24, 1968
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The Earthlings stumble upon a clock with a radium dial. Mark thinks they can pillage the clock for repair parts and fuel for the Spindrift. Unfortunately, two giant scientists are testing a sound detector.

After getting only a small amount of radium, the Earthlings are forced to abandon the clock. Valerie and Betty get captured. The remainder of the group are forced to choose between abandoning the two women, or using one of the ship's fuel cells to blow up the sound detector and create a diversion.

The group decides to sacrifice the fuel cell. Dan and Steve free the girls, but Mark is injured planting the explosive. Alexander comes to the rescue and, overcoming his qualms, blows up the fuel cell, allowing the rest to escape.

Background InformationEdit

  • This info is incorrect: "Originally the Spindrift took off from New York on its ill-fated flight to London. With this episode, the departure point changes to Los Angeles." In the aired and unaired filmed pilots, the leaving city was always LA. Maybe one of the scripts says NY. BUT the filmed material was always stating LA as the leaving city.

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