"War of the Robots"

War of the robots

LiS episode
1x20 / 20th of 83 aired
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First aired
2 February 1966
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Last week, as you recall, we left Will Robinson, Dr. Smith, and the Robot, idly fishing in an alien pool - unaware that within a few yards of them stood the frozen figure of an incredible mechanized monster...


Will finds an alien robot and repairs it, although the Robot warns him against doing so, calling the device a "robotoid" because it is not truly a robot that obeys the Three Laws of Robotics. Will is frustrated at the lack of response by the robotoid (which does not want to reveal that it is now functional), until he decides to remove parts for salvage, then the robotoid activates.

It helps the Robinsons with their chores, causing the Robot to feel it is superfluous and try to destroy itself. In actuality, the robotoid is an evil robot created by an advanced race. It is programmed to have a will of its own, and it plans to capture the Robinsons for its masters, and destroy their Robot.

Background InformationEdit

  • Although the DVD menus and various sources give this episode the title "The War of the Robots", the episode identifies itself as "War of the Robots", without the definite article "The".
  • For the second time in the series music from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is used for the theme of a character. In this case, the sinister music that plays over several of the Robotoid's scenes is the theme 'Gort'.
  • The Robotoid utilized William Bramley to create its voice, and Eldon Hansen inside to give it movement. Bramley is also the voice of the Cosmic Life Force in "My Friend, Mr. Nobody."
  • When the Robotoid calls his alien master on the communications device, the alien's image speaks but its mouth doesn't move, probably due to limitations in the make-up.
  • The final shooting script is dated February 5, 1966.
  • The alien robot used is Robby the Robot, from several MGM SF movies. It made its premiere in the 1956 motion picture "Forbidden Planet".
  • Robby the Robot will return in 'The Condemned of Space' as the Robot Warden, although he will not be voiced (and not as the same character in this episode).

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