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"West of Mars"


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2x11 / 40th of 83 aired
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Written by
Michael Fessier
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Last week, as you recall, we left an angry Dr. Smith working at enforced labor - unaware that both he and Will Robinson were soon to be spirited off to a distant planet on the far western frontier of outer space...


Smith changes places with his doppelganger, a notorious space desperado.

Background Information[]

  • This is the second time Smith has had a duplicate, the first being 'Daddy Zack' in "His Majesty Smith".
  • This was one of Jonathan Harris' two favorite episodes, the other being "The Cave of the Wizards".[1][2][3]
  • Not counting the unaired pilot ("No Place to Hide" at 52:10), this is the longest episode of the series, clocking in at 51:51. The shortest episode is "The Wreck of the Robot", at 49:21.[4]
  • One of the "WANTED" posters in Space Enforcer Claudius' spaceship is for a "Buck Duane", who had committed crimes on Earth! But Claudius says that Earth is outside of his jurisdiction.
  • Michael Fessier also wrote the Rita Hayworth/Fred Astaire musicals "You Were Never Lovelier" and "You'll Never Get Rich."
  • In its second season LIS adopted much of the style of its campy ABC competition "Batman." This can be seen very clearly in this episode with the abstract representation of the town, the oversized stuffed animals used for transport, and "funny" signs placed on various items (e. g. "Space Cooler.")Wm2.jpg

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Special guest star[]

Guest stars[]

  • Lane Bradford as Pleiades Pete
  • Mickey Manners as Dee
  • Allan Melvin as Space Enforcer Claudius

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