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Last week, as you recall, we left Dr. Smith, Will, and the Robot at play - unaware that a trio of aliens were waiting - to attack...


Three aliens who are called The Saticons attempt to acquire the Robot. The Robinsons will not give up the Robot, so The Saticons kidnap him. They use him to create a machine that can control other machines. Their eventual objective is to use this machine to conquer the Earth, and then the Universe.

The Saticons proceed to test their new device by using it on the Robinsons and the Jupiter 2. As the Robinsons' plight gets desperate, the Professor and Major West go to the Saticon headquarters for a showdown. They are unable to destroy the Saticons' device, but the Robot arrives in a nick of time and succeeds in destroying the alien machine.

Background Information[]

  • This is the shortest episode of the series, at 49:21. Not counting the unaired pilot (No Place to Hide at 52:10), West of Mars is the longest episode, at 51:51. [1]
  • In the scene where the Robot is being re-assembled, his power pack is installed twice.
  • Will and the Saticon display great strength when they cavalierly toss around the Gold bowling ball at the beginning of the episode. A solid gold bowling ball would weigh over 200 lbs. Perhaps they should have participated in "The Deadly Games of Gamma Six".
  • Using a phrase that will become familiar to fans of "Star Trek", the aliens tell the Robot that "Resistance is futile".

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